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Iconic Motor Car Inspection in the Southern California area offers expert vehicle inspection in Los Angeles and the neighboring cities. The IMC Inspection experts can assist you in your car buying process, so you know the true value of a car you are considering before you purchase it. Car repairs can be extremely costly. If you do not know how to spot potential or existing problems in a car before you buy it, you may have to put thousands of dollars into your car shortly after your initial purchase. Avoid the hassle of ongoing repairs and let the best car inspection experts in Los Angeles examine your vehicle. Iconic Motor Car Inspection offers three different options for auto inspections, which are standard, classic, and exotic. Our Southern California vehicle inspection options vary in price depending on the car being inspected. In addition to that, we offer an automotive appraisal service, so you know exactly what your car is worth when you are trying to sell your trade your car. If you need a car inspection in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, contact IMC Inspection. Let us help you get the value you deserve for your car today.



Iconic Motor Car Inspection specializing in the Los Angeles area. Service areas include Orange, Riverside and Ventura County, San Francisco to San Diego. We inspect every year and model vehicle; whether you found it on eBay, Craigslist, AutoTrader, Hemmings, Swap-a-Lease or a dealership.  Asian Imports, European and American Classics, Ferrari or Lamborghini, we have you covered. Order your report now!


Once the order has processed, our well-oiled machine goes to work. Our goal is to make the process as simple and as seamless as possible; we work for you now – so you have our full support. We’ll contact the seller on your behalf, provide them with a brief explanation of the procedure and schedule the on-site inspection. We ask the seller to have the vehicle cleaned, road ready and documents available for review.


The online report is typically available for review within 24 hours of completing the on-site inspection. The comprehensive and detailed report also contains a photo package of 80-120 high-resolution images. You’ll find the content presents itself clearly; it’s easy to understand and it may aid you in negotiating a better deal. Our final analysis has proven to be insightful and helpful in making the right financial decision.


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Our standard vehicle inspection is best-suited for the ‘everyday car,’ it’s likely used as a commuter for work, school, or shuttling the kids around. Validating the ideal candidate for you is important, here are some key points we address: Overall condition, paint, interior and workmanship defects, structural, mechanical or electrical concerns and deferred maintenance. As your Guardian, we will advise and inform you of any problematic issues and explain its significance. Above all, we will assist you in circumventing the costly pitfalls of buying a lemon or being the next victim of misrepresentation, VIN fraud, or undisclosed damaged.

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Classic and vintage vehicles require a tremendous amount of attention. We focus on the quality of workmanship, the condition of the paint, body, panel alignment, undercarriage, frame, trunk, floor pan, rocker panels, welds and document any evidence of rust or collision damage. We also evaluate the performance of the engine, transmission, drivetrain, suspension, brakes and function test every switch, lever, and light possible. Cosmetics are just as vital and can be expensive to repair or replace; that’s why it’s important to us to scrutinize the interior, glass, lenses, convertible top (if applicable), chrome and bright work.

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Exotic,  Modified and RV’s  require lots of attention. Exotics are not necessarily ‘stamped out’ like most production cars, most of these vehicles are ‘special ordered,’ every box checked — making them well optioned (and very expensive); that’s why option code verification is so important.  In addition to evaluating the paint, body, mechanical and structural soundness; we collect as much information as possible, such as ownership history, driving habits, maintenance, and service records. Modified cars are scrutinized by the attention to detail, workmanship, fit and finish, and the quality of the components used and receipts.

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