Luxury Car Pre Purchase Inspection

Excellent for exotic vehicles

Your exotic vehicle is a coveted and high-end piece of machinery. Exotics require capital-intensive acquisition costs, and it is imperative that our customers know what they are getting up front. Because of the sophistication of these exotic machines, IMC’s agents perform the most extensive assessment in our lineup. We even include a deluxe photo package, so you can remember what your beauty looked like on the day you bought it. However, we will help you decide if the exotic vehicle you are looking at is worth purchasing after our detailed inspection assessing the true condition of the luxury automobile. The luxury automobile pre-purchase inspection may be the smartest thing for you to do when looking to buy a car because it can save you thousands of dollars in repairs if you know how to negotiate the price due to factual evidence we will deliver to you in a thorough report. We perform an in-depth check, refusing to neglect a single area of the car so you know that every section of the car is in the condition you expected it to be in before buying. It would be devastating for you to buy the car of your dreams only to realize that it was not worth the amount you paid. Contact us today and let our experts assist you with the luxury automobile pre-purchase inspection for only $379. You get what you pay for and our expertise will not let you down. We will meet you at the location of the car and assist you throughout every step of the process.


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Exotic Pre-Purchase Inspection Includes

Body, Trim and Exterior Trim

  • Originality
  • Modifications fit and finish
  • Quality of aftermarket components
  • Exterior paint condition rating
  • Document post factory paint blemishes, cosmetic issues, environmental degradation, scratches, dings and dents
  • Body panel alignment
  • Post factory repairs (quality)
  • Headlamp lens, trim and glass condition
  • Impact strips, body seals and trim molding damage

Interior Trim and Cabin Functions

  • Originality
  • Modifications fit and finish
  • Quality of aftermarket components
  • Check for post factory wear and tear
  • Note scuff marks, holes, tears, stains, broke cup holder, switches and handles
  • System check all functions work, seats, belts, windows, locks, turn signals, lights, sound system cruise control
  • Climate control functionality and note any unpleasant odors
  • Check for signs of flood damage
  • Evaluate the overall condition of the interior given its age and mileage

Fluid Sampling and Charging Test*

  • On-Site Oil and Fluid Analysis – analysis of the fluid based on certified testing criteria that has been used in the laboratory environment for decades, radial planar chromatographic analysis.  The test is designed as an aid in determining the condition of the oils or fluids
  • On-Site Battery and Electrical System Analyzer Test – Using a patented conductance technology meter we are able to perform a battery and charging system analysis


  • Complete systems check of all electrically powered components
  • Instrument panel gauges
  • Power window, Locks and Seats
  • Power Sunroof | Convertible Top
  • Headlights, Rear Tail and Running lights, Turn Signal, Horn, Ect.
  • Radio, Navigation, Blue-tooth connectivity, and phone (hands free operation)*


  • Fluid level check and fluid condition testing*
  • Check for Slipping
  • Check shifting abnormalities
  • Noises, clunks, whining and burning odor
  • Leaks


  • Check for impact damage
  • Note condition due to environment exposure
  • Does appear to have been off road
  • Driven on salt treated roads during the winter time
  • Scrapes or signs of bottoming out
  • Obvious damage to chassis
  • Post factory welds, repairs or modifications.
  • Signs of rust, corrosion or under spray
  • Inspecting wheel wells, rockers, lower rust prone panels

Suspension, Steering, Brakes and Tires

  • Excessive side to side play in steering wheel
  • Control arms, bushings and bellows
  • Rack and Pinion, Shocks and Struts
  • Braking abnormalities or veering
  • Check for abnormal tire wear, weathering or damage

Road test

  • An absolute must – We test drive the vehicle between 2-5 miles, noting any seemingly abnormal noises or driveability concerns.  We also assess the engines performance, steering responsiveness, braking confidence and transmission operation