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Excellent and honest motor vehicle consultants are hard to come by, our staff consists of a team of experts who perform used car inspection in Los Angeles. It is our mission to always deliver the best customer service possible and provide you with a detailed inspection or appraisal that will help you accurately determine the true value of a car. We are motor vehicle consultants that do not cut any corners and will not let you down. We care about you and your search to discover the most precise value of your car which is why we travel to you to assess your car to save you any trouble. We will meet you at the car’s location and be there to explain any car terminology you may not understand. We will give you honest feedback, so you can form an opinion as to whether or not you want to buy a used car or whether or not you want to sell or trade in your car. Come to Iconic Motor Inspection for top-of-the-line used car inspection in Los Angeles. Our company has proven to be an instrumental part of your decision-making process in buying a car. Our customers have different buying needs. You may be looking a sound and well-maintained car for a family member or perhaps you have your eye on a classic car, or maybe it’s time for that pinnacle-of-success, unique sports car. Regardless of your reason, our number-one priority is to ensure that you get an accurate assessment of what you are about to purchase and that you have a solid foundation on which to build your car selection process.